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Joakim Wimmerstedt
Posted Mar 26 - Read on Facebook

Hey, is there a list of modules people would like to see? I've got some time to kill and I want to make modules, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do.


Joshua Tucker

Work on modules you'd find useful for yourself. That's a good place to start! Your passion and desire to make something work well for you will affect the quality you give to us :).

Josef Richter

Well good start would be to re-create the native iOS view controllers like tabbar, splitview, collectionview, etc. So that it's easy to put together more complex app prototypes using these components. Right now putting together a prototype of something like a Mail app would take ages, so you see people using Framer to make just 1 single interaction taken out of context, which looks cool, but is not very helpful to present to clients.. The next step would be recreating those less common patterns like Tinder-style swipe to like/dislike, etc.

Koen Bok

A module that highlights all tappable areas in a project, for when you don't know where to click. Tisho made something like this before.

Ondrej Rohoň

A module that would get current mouse position on hovered layer. (for website prototype)

Joel Leví Hernández

A module to make me a sandwich.

Juan Sanchez

Modules for different transitions, like transitions.pushLeft(fromLayer,toLayer)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Animating a background color.

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