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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Jun 18 - Read on Facebook is live. :D

We started to create a collection of Framer modules, code examples, snippets and tips.

There are only a few posts at this time but please feel free to suggest items to add to the site. Also, if you'd like to help curate content and be a contributor let me know and I'll add you as a member.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Also, if is easier for you to remember you can use that as well. :)

Kevin Chisaki

awesome stuff :)

Juan Sanchez


Jordan Robert Dobson

Juan - You're slacking. ;) You need to add some of your stuff!

Juan Sanchez

Haha, I know, right? I'll get on it.

Calvin Wilson

Awesome!! I need to add a few to this!! haha

Andreas Mitschke

Lol... first time experiencing .de TLD abused for stylistic domains. Nice :D and so obvious, but I've never thought 'bout that.

Quick UX recommendation: please do not make the image header link to the actual image file.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Thanks Andreas! It's not clear where it should link if there are more than one link but that's a good suggestion.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Calvin - there is a link on the site to suggest links or if you want to contribute let me know and I'll set you up.

Andreas Mitschke

Make it an use pattern you define, but do not link to image files. No one is intending to end up at the image file when clicking the header. A user will always expect you to lead him to your destination of choice, but not the img as long as you are no img provider though :D

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah I love for finding domain names

Jacky Lee

Interesting that the embed view shows the gif but homepage doesn't.

Andreas Mitschke

Well, that's why it is a "quick recommendation" ;)

Calvin Wilson

Set me up!

Ross Sokolovski

Arsen Batyuchok

Shane Brown

Dope! Was just getting worried all these modules were gonna get lost in the group. 👌👌👌

Niklas Agevik

.de? is it only for germans? :)

Koen Bok

Really cool!

Marco Piccolino Boniforti

Niklas Agevik just as much as .ly is only for Lybians!

Marco Piccolino Boniforti


Andy Cetnarskyj

Great, if you add a forum on their I think you'll get a load of traffic from the framer community too

Benjamin Den Boer

Cool! The avatar is a nice touch. ;-)

Giovanni Caruso

L E G E N D A R Y! Thank you, guys!

Kim Does

Awesome! Thanks guys!

Fran Pérez

Amazing, thanks for putting this together :)

Mikyung Song

Thank you!!

Jay Stakelon


Benedikt D Valdez Stefánsson

This is awesome!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Please start suggesting items to add! There is a lot of awesome work out there!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Just added a few new posts! More will come as we have time.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Time for updates next week! Anyone have any that must be included?

Stephen Crowley

Andreas Wahlström has a nice input field module

Stephen Crowley


Jordan Robert Dobson

Also, if anyone would like to help contribute let me know. I get super busy sometimes chasing around 2 kids. :)


Wow! Thanks Jordan Robert Dobson!

Stephen Crowley

Whatever you need man, I can help.

Constantin Jacob

Jordan Robert Dobson I'm thinking about making a module with which one could easily create rings (bezier paths basically) on screen. Needs to scale though and that might become a problem. I have to look into it first :(

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