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Harry Brignull
Posted Mar 24 - Read on Facebook


Josef Richter

You should actually be able to do that in framer. You need that tapping finger and just move it around as needed. But the real value of Framer is in producing really interactive prototypes, not videos of of someone using a prototype.

Harry Brignull

Sure, but it's handy to be able to record a demo with a narration too. A finger that animates with gestures would be a nice little feature, probably not too hard to add to framer studio.

Josef Richter

I can't see them adding such a feature anytime soon though, as it is a bit against Framer purpose, and there are plenty of more useful features to be added.

Peter Hilgersom

Whcih tools would that be Josef Richter? :)

Josef Richter

I'd say some module management the way we have snippets in Studio now, to simplify adding common ux patterns like carousels, tabbars, switches, etc. Maybe even some universal UI kit..

Hugo des Gayets

I think the purpose of a prototyping tool is to interact with the product, more than watching a video of the interaction. It's more about how it feels rather than how it looks. Instead you can use After Effects for that. ;)

Mike Feldstein

while that's true, framer is still simpler to use and far cheaper than AE. I'd rather use framer to build simple gifs like that than AE.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Harry you should make it! Would be used I'm sure.

Chris Camargo

I agree with Josef Richter here. This is overloading the purpose of Framer Studio.

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