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Stephen Boak
Posted Mar 24 - Read on Facebook

Koen a frequent problem I run into between Sketch and Framer is that layer groups must have unique names for Events to work. I'm often copying and pasting groups and controls, and even duplicating artboards. This often requires me to de-dupe names to ensure controls continue to work. Are there any plans to address this? My first thought is that controls should only be addressable inside artboards when they exist. This way the same entity inside multiple artboards can have the same name in each. Something like: sketch.artboard['control'].on Events.Click,


Koen Bok

I'd love to solve this too. But it's hard as long as we don't have a good way to expose the "corrected" names. But maybe we'll have something like that soon ;-)

Johannes Eckert

I like the idea of using nesting in layer names, with sublayers. Such as: layer.child.button or homescreen.navigationbar.menubutton — then the names only have to be unique within each group

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