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Peter Ng
Posted Mar 23 - Read on Facebook

Noob question but how the hell do I have a button as a child of another button without both events firing on click? Trying to have an action inside a search field where tapping on the search field goes to keyboard but tapping x clears it out.


Fran Pérez

Have you tried using stopPropagation() in the child object?

Peter Ng

such a boss

Mike Feldstein

Hmm looks like the example stopped working for me, im getting this error in the console: Uncaught SyntaxError: unexpected < anyone else seeing this?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Put up a small code example and I'm sure someone here could help.

Koen Bok

Mike I've seen this before and I think I know what it is (for some reason it tries to insert a js tag into the coffeescript, but only very sporadic :-)). I'll look into it.

Mike Feldstein

cool. still works fine downloading to studio if anyone wanted to see an example of using stopPropagation for child elements.

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