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Josef Richter
Posted Mar 23 - Read on Facebook

Guys, what's a good general approach to multi-screen prototypes and segues between them? Do you just create a new layer for each, put it off screen, and then move it in place? I'm pretty sure I'm reinventing the wheel here, so I'd appreciate any existing code examples. Thanks!


Sudhir Nain

Exactly what I am struggling with. The "Prototypes" on the examples page have a few approaches that I am trying to unpack.

Chris Camargo

Josef Richter, yeah, basically. If you package all of your views' contents as subLayers, it should be no problem. So for instance, I might have viewA and viewB. Each layer I create that belongs to those views would use viewA or viewB as their superLayer. That way, when I slide viewA and viewB back and forth, or whatever transition I'm looking for, all their contents move along with them.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yep. Basically. Make sure you set it off the screen by using the screen width. I don't know how many prototypes I've seen that you can see a peek of the other screens on the side.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Framer.Device.screen.width is what you want.

Josef Richter
Jordan Robert Dobson

basically... yes. :D

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