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Paul Cotton
Posted Mar 23 - Read on Facebook

Is there a project size limit when using the Share option in Studio? If so, I think maybe I've exceeded it ;)


Koen Bok

Haha I think I cap it at 100mb files or something.

Paul Cotton

Hmm! I'd be surprised if I broke that. I'll check tomorrow.

Johannes Eckert

Paul It might be good to check if your /imported folder does contain some unwanted sketch imports when the importer detected multiple open files. Happened to me sometimes and I had a bloat of unneeded files in there, but I only need one

Paul Cotton

It was 15mb and throwing a timeout error. Checked the /import folder on Johannes suggestion, cleared out 10mb worth of cruft and tried again. still threw an error, but a minute later (while I fumbled around to take a screenshot) it actually uploaded.

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