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Joshua Tucker
Posted Mar 23 - Read on Facebook

Aloha all! I put together a module that handles device orientation events for your prototypes (and allows you to smooth values out with a built-in low-pass filter if you so desire). Thanks Jordan Robert Dobson for nudging me to actually finish it!

I'll leave the explaining to my README. Hopefully you can find this useful!

I'm here for questions or suggestions to improve on this module.


Johannes Eckert

Dang. This Great and so simple! Thank you. I need to find a way to collect these modules for "the day I need it" – which will come

Jupiter St John

Thanks a million! This is so useful I really appreciate. I'm really loving the community here :)

Sander Värv

Nice! I hope there's somekind of module manager in the roadmap. Kind of like Sketch has Sketch Toolbox for plugins.

Shane Brown

I can't get the example to display in Chrome (via Framer Share) or on an iPhone 6 (Frameless via Mirror or Framer Share link) :( Loads in FramerJS Studio fine though.

Joshua Tucker

Shane Brown Haha, thanks for letting me know Shane – totally jacked it up. Realized that one of my event listeners didn't match my function (re-worked it early on and one of the window.addEventListeners didn't match, hence it failed the rest of the addEventListener piece). The reason why it would have loaded fine in Framer Studio is because it detects there's no support for device orientation events and circumvents part of the switch inside the setup function. The addEventListener error part was later in the switch where it did detect motion and orientation. Since the function didn't match, it silently "made an error" and never continued.

I committed an updated version of the module to my GitHub. Try it out! Sorry about that.

Joshua Tucker

Johannes Eckert Me too! So many great modules are popping up and I feel like they are falling through the cracks :/. Maybe we need to start curating a list?

Joshua Tucker

Jupiter St John Anytime friend! We're glad to have you here.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm working on curating a list. :) I even bought a domain.

Johannes Eckert

Joshua Tucker, Jordan Robert Dobson, Sander Värv: what about a wiki page on the framer github wiki in the meantime. I don't know if Koen Bok can give us write access, but I remember a page like that about sketch plugins

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm considering having contributors as well. Would you guys like to help?

Joshua Tucker

Jordan Robert Dobson For sure!

Jordan Robert Dobson

If anyone knows me, I'm not one to keep the keys all to myself. I'm considering a tumblr unless anyone else gives other great ideas.

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