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Fran Pérez
Posted Jun 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I put together a little prototype of "3D" dragging :)


Jared Palmer

Very cool.

Jupiter St John

Awesome! thanks for sharing

Josef Richter

Love it

Jordan Robert Dobson
Joshua Tucker

Map it to the accelerometer :P.

Josh Ackerman

This was on my to do list! Great job!!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Joshua - Don't you have that module?

Joshua Tucker

Jordan Robert Dobson I put it on pause but I started it up again today. I'll share it when it's done.

Joshua Tucker

You don't need a module for it either. I used it originally for hand posture detection.

Scott Wasson

Mind blown


wow awesome!

Leon Zhang


Alexander King

Wow this is incredible. Clapping as hard as I can here...

Fran Pérez


Poamrong Rith

yo, that's sicc Fran..!

Jiaxin Chen


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