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Chris Camargo
Posted Mar 23 - Read on Facebook

Anyone here have any ideas as to why layer.draggable.enabled = true is working on my desktop prototype but not in my mobile prototype? Could it be because my draggable object is inside a scrollable layer? My draggable object is a horizontally swiped carousel, but its inside a vertically scrolling portion of the screen.


Joshua Tucker

Hey Chris! Is the draggable layer the same height/width or higher/wider than the screen size (of mobile device)? Draggable layers can conflict with scrollview bounces. Can't remember whether this is an issue in fullscreen browsers as well.

Hyun Soo Kim

I was trying to make a same example that you just explained and having a same problem here. (works well on PC but not on my mobile) I am just curious whether you solved it.

Chris Camargo

Nope. Haven't figured this one out yet. Here's a good example: Can't figure out how to support side-to-side dragging inside a scrollable layer on mobile.

Hyun Soo Kim

Thanks. That's exactly how far I got. cannot wait to see the solution for that.

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