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William Song
Posted Mar 16 - Read on Facebook

This is my first project using Framer. I decided to prototype some features that I wish Facebook Paper had. Would love to hear any feedback!


Jordan Robert Dobson

Great idea... I wish it had this!

Josh Peters

Very nice ideas. I do have some needs to find something on Facebook occasionally and hate that I have to run through my own or someone else's timelines. Guess the focus is on the right now!

Mordechai Levi

This is great! You should send this to someone at Facebook.

Danny White

Really cool. I think these kind of interactions/affordances are great for people like us, but the older crowd/less tech-savvy people would (and do) run into trouble trying to find & use some of these patterns and features. Not having a dig—just a really interesting space where we're at right now. Do we design for the lowest common denominator (i.e. grandma), and make everything obvious (and lose all the nice subtly like your example)? Or do we go forward with these smart implementations and expect people to learn? Worth a discussion I reckon...

Cyrus Cheng

It's very cool,can u share this project ...

Peter Hilgersom

Danny White I notice this a lot. People always talking about 'Well my mother wouldn't be able to understand this!'. Yeah maybe but is your mother in the target audience? Young usually learn quickly, but even they can be annoyed by fancy interactions if it gets in the way of other things (speed, convenience). The question: should we do this interaction? is, in my opinion, all based on what you want to achieve as a company/service and what the target audience is willing to (sw)allow/learn :)

Joshua Tucker

Well done William! Welcome to the community :). Your level of detail is awesome, keep it up! In terms of feedback, I'd look into ways to animate the scale + opacity of elements that appear when opening the Save menu. The current transition seems abrupt/lightning flash. Think about the paradigm that Paper uses in terms of moving between elements.

For the sort, it might just be me, but I am always iffy but having to go back all the way to the beginning of something to change its sorting, for example. Paper uses a card visual to display content: think about some ways you could sort using a more card-like interaction. Such as pulling down on the list of cards from anywhere in the list to animate them into two (or more) stacks where they have "Most Recent" or "Top whatever" and then you tap the stack to open it up again. Or using the pull down in the cards to simulate a similar interaction you proposed where distance determines which option you choose (which is tricky in such a small space here but it could be done). The other way you showed seems unnecessary to have to pair two different directions.

Nonetheless, well done, sir. We are glad to have you here!

William Song

Joshua Tucker Thanks for the thoughtful feedback!

Joshua Tucker

William Song Anytime my friend, keep up the great work! We're excited to see what you have next!

Joey Lamelas

Wow, this is great! Is there a chance you could share this project?

William Song

Joey Lamelas Since this was my first project with Framer, the code is pretty messy and I should probably rework couple things.

Jorn van Dijk

Nice work!


great work,very smooth and cool~ Can you share this project!

Kasper Germann Kramme

I know it's been a while. Is there any chance that you will share this project?

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