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Slghtr Khari
Posted Mar 20 - Read on Facebook

can someone explain to me how to disable a layer from being clickable after it is no longer visible?


Stephen Crowley

Calling Layername.destroy() after its invisible could work for you

Slghtr Khari

Is opacity:0 treated as invisible?

Joey Lamelas

I believe layer.visible = false is considered as invisible and unclickable.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Joey is correct.

Koen Bok

Or layer.ignoreEvents = true

Slghtr Khari

Thanks guys. That works. I am unfortunately really terrible at (and have never successfully crrated) an if-then situation in my code. What the heck are the rules for that?

Slghtr Khari

Also from before : the opacity being 0 made the destroy function respond beautifully when placed in the list of click events of the subsequent click event.

Jordan Robert Dobson
Slghtr Khari

That is actually very helpful. Diving in now.

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