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Chad Lonberger
Posted Mar 20 - Read on Facebook

Curious what frameworks (if any) people are transitioning their Framer prototypes to when they are ready for production? Both for web and mobile. Currently, for us anyway, it's a pretty big jump with (expectedly) not a lot of reuse.


Stephen Crowley

It really comes in two parts for me. One it's effective and exploring many ideas as well as being able to articulate complex interactions especially with mobile. Secondly really testing or sharing the concept with users or your team and getting feedback there's so many good things to say about putting together a Proto type that effectively can communicate your idea- I cannot tell you how many accumulated minutes have been saved on a project I'm working on where we could just use the prototype to discuss and size up the effort it would take to translate it into a native application.

Matt Bogado

100% agree with Stephen here. I spent at least 4 days trying to explain a complex interaction to a group of developers and all I got was crickets. Prototyping eliminates those conversations and let you focus on the how vs the what.

Erik Edhagen

While I agree with the two comments above, I also see the point of reusing Framer code for production - simply because it's detail work already done. There's no real reason you couldn't reuse the code, other than the Framer lib being a few 100kbs in size. Maybe someone could build a stripped down and minimized Framer lib version for production use. And we could improve further by having wrapper APIs for different code languages, ie for Objective-C and Swift.
Totally possible if someone put the time into it

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