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Josh Ackerman
Posted Mar 22 - Read on Facebook


I am trying to make a draggable layer with another draggable object inside it. It seems easy although I am running into a problem where dragging the sublayer results in both objects moving. Here is a quick demo which shows the strange behavior:
Is there an easy way to fix this?



Joey Lamelas

How do you want this interaction to work? Do you want it so that you can only move the smaller box when the big box isn't moving?

Josh Ackerman

I would like to move the small box while not moving the large box

Joey Lamelas

Not at a computer to test this out, but try disabling the smaller box's drag while the bigger box is being dragged and on drag end, enable the small box drag again. Not entirely sure this will work.

Josh Ackerman

I cannot believe I did not think of that... Here is a project with working nested draggables if anyone is interested.

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