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Joshua Tucker
Posted May 28 - Read on Facebook

Morning everyone! I posted about an experiment I was running about a week or so ago. Here's why:


Koen Bok


Koen Bok

You need a better tweet. Something that describes the article :-)

Koen Bok

So I can retweet!

Jarne Uytersprot


Raphael D'Amico

This is superb. Love the integration with Parse to turn this into a quant experiment!

Yoshua Wuyts


Joshua Tucker

Raphael D'Amico Thanks my friend! Means a lot. I'm excited to take some more experiments out and about and see what sticks. Just realized you are in SF. I'm in the Sacramento-area. We should meet up sometime!

Calvin Wilson


Ryan Gonzalez

Nice work Joshua Tucker!

Joshua Tucker

Calvin Wilson Ryan Gonzalez Gracias señors!

Dean Broadley

Joshua Tucker Thanks for sharing this, it really helped me to get some of my own experiments going. I had a parse question, might seem like quite a basic one, how are you adding a row to your Parse class on each test session? I can't seem to find it in the docs

Joshua Tucker

Dean Broadley Hey man! The method you end up using in the end is something like .save(). That records your session. George Kedenburg III wrote about a great tutorial on how to use Parse + Framer. Check it out. It gives you an insight on how to do sessions with Parse + Framer.

Noam Elbaz

Joshua Tucker I came in to work so crazy excited. Showed the article to one of the devs. And he went nuts: "we can use push notifications to a small group of (beta) users to try / test our new ideas... Maybe redirect them to a survey afterwards" Awesome.

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