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Slghtr Khari
Posted Mar 19 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

Back as promised.
Let me begin by saying that learning Framer has been a total challenge for me but with genuine success markers along the way. Before framer, the closest i ever got to code was HTML/CSS but now I feel like I've entered into an entirely new code bracket (pun intended -> get it, tax bracket/code bracket!?)

Anyway, right now one of my greatest issues is combining the knowledge I have learned into a single project. Last night it seemed like everything I thought I knew took an unexpected turn and I am having trouble combining functions and all over again I cannot make certain things happen. For example:

Here is a project I am working on now:

- I want to make a layer scrollable AND reactive to dragging...getting the initial list of songs to scroll and be able to be dragged over to reveal the hamburger tray)
- I want to make many different layers reactive to taps but ONLY when visible...(right now I have been reduced to using just one layer (bg layer) because initially i wanted to have ONE tap point be the logo, and then include other tap points. In the past this worked, but right now it's like only one layer can be tappable and it stays tappable even when for ease of breezing through what i wanted to show, I made the background the hotspot)
- I want to make an item follow a mouse position but also snap to certain points...(the orange marker in the tray)
- how to i override states and make a single button consistently repeat an action while leaving the states order intact? (the play button on the full screen view)

Doing these things individually isn't a huge issue but when all combined in the same code my errors start having a party!

Right now I feel like I am constructing elegant slide presentations instead of interactive prototypes :(


Yours truly,