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Amy Casillas
Posted Mar 23 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone else have a problem opening framer projects from I've never gotten it to work. I click "open", a progress bar appears that says "Downloading Project", then I get the error "The zip archive did not contain a framer project." I know others are able to open the same projects. I'm using Chrome on a Mac, and have a licensed, current version of Framer Studio. Is there something I'm missing?


Amy Casillas

Here's a screen capture of the error:

Koen Bok

Hey Amy, what if you go to a shared prototype (like our examples) and click download. Does it unzip to a valid Framer project?

Johannes Eckert

Amy, since we are working in the same company: Adobe IT is blocking the download URLs (don't know why). If you try to download with the download button, you get a clean error. The error from Studio means Studio couldn't retrieve the file.

It might be that the download tries to use some way of delivering that is blocked by our IT, but I don't know what it could be

Amy Casillas

You're right Johannes. If I disconnect from VPN, I'm able to download successfully. I'm connected to VPN 99% of the time, so I didn't realize this. Thanks!

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