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Slghtr Khari
Posted Mar 18 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,
Another question (one of many many more I'm sure):

This time it's about importing from Sketch. I've got layers (all in groups as was suggested), I've got artboards, and I have tried with both sketch and sketch beta. Unfortunately when I am trying to access/call my layers in framer I am not getting anything but the first artboard.

I am trying to toggle visibility like this:

sc = Framer.Importer.load "imported/soundcloud_js_beta"

sc["logo"].opacity = 0

I then planned to go through and organize my layers by toggling the opacity between 0 and 1 (for isolation purposes). It ONLY works for the bottom-most artboard. What is going on?

I COULD export everything first and do it that way but it would be great to import directly from sketch for a change.


Fiona Rolander

+1 on that question

Natalia Breadbasket

I have the same problem

Slghtr Khari

I even tried going about it this way:
no avail.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Slghtr Khari, Fiona Rolander, Natalia Breadbasket - make sure you read little section on Artboards here: - then, I'd recommend to play around with the Artboards Template here: to see how to hide/show/position artboards from Sketch.

You can't show layers from hidden Artboards directly. The opacity property is also left unchanged, it's only the visibility property of the actual artboards that are changed.

So, if you import 3 artboards, the first one (bottom one) is visible by default. All others are also imported, but with "visible" set to "false" and the "x" and "y" positions set to 0. Now, to show the contents of your other imported artboards, you can simply set "visible" to true:

sketch.artboardB.visible = true

Natalia Breadbasket

Thanks Benjamin! I'll try that tomorrow when I'm back at the computer.

Slghtr Khari

i just tried it Natalia Breadbasket. I confirm that it works. Setting visible to true is necessary

Slghtr Khari

afterwards setting the opacity to 1 for all subsequent groups within the artboard works like a charm. now it's time to make some things happen :)

Natalia Breadbasket

Great! I've tried to set to visible grouped Layers from other artboards with no luck. Why didn't it come to me to change visibility of the whole artboard, I'm not sure :) thanks Slghtr!

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