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Paul Cotton
Posted Mar 18 - Read on Facebook

I've just tried to import a reasonably complicated Sketch file into Framer Studio and hit a couple errors. Given that if I import a simple Sketch file containing an oval into Framer, everything works fine... I'm guessing I've gone wrong somewhere in the more complicated one.

The preview window in Studio is blank, and switching visible true/false etc makes no change.

Errors are:
XMLHttpRequest cannot load
Error: Utils.domLoadDataSync: no data was loaded (url not found?)

Attached screenshot of what the console looks like. Any clues?


Harry Brignull

I was having the same problem, found if my sketch file has a weird arrangement of different art boards the auto import tool fails. You can export the pngs and then import them all one by one manually by writing coffee script. If you have the patience.

Paul Cotton

I think I just solved it by copying everything into a new Sketch file, saving and importing that.


Neema Mahdavi

Same thing used to happen to me when I would re-import from Sketch multiple times. I usually just created a new framer file - I'm assuming same thing is happening by copying everything into a new sketch file.

Koen Bok

Yeah, also make sure you use Sketch beta for now. There was an error in the current Sketch causing this.

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