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Andy Catch
Posted Mar 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey there, first post/first Framer attempt. After using scrollVertical I noticed there's a gap between my scrollable content and the superLayer. I've set up the superLayer and subLayer according to the examples, I set the superLayer.height to be the device height (in this case an iPhone 5S), but the content scrolls way past it.

The relationship seems to be (from doing a few print outputs of the numbers) content.height - superLayer.height = gap size. It seems kind of arbitrary, so I dug through the docs to see if there was some sort of defineScroll method, but I have either missed it or it doesn't exist. Do I need to write a custom function that detects when content is at a certain scrollY? I just sort of thought this calculation was done for you when you set scrollVertical to true. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks in advance for any help!