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Ashley Einspahr
Posted Mar 17 - Read on Facebook

hi guys. i'm trying a simple interaction where you drag left/right to switch between pages. it's working fine in the browser & framer studio, but i can't get it working on mobile. i've seen other posts about this, but still can't seem to figure it out.

thanks in advance!

p.s. - i'm still getting the hang of the language, so if you see something i'm totally overcomplicating, please call me out on it!


Faheem Patel

Disabling scroll fixes this, sort of.

I could be wrong but I don't think it's currently possible to have a layer that both scrolls and is draggable on device. At least not in a way that's straight forward :(

Ashley Einspahr

ahhh, i gotchya. hmm, i'll see if i can find a way around it. thanks!

Jordan Robert Dobson

I might just wait a few more days if you have time. A scroll component is likely in the works. Otherwise... You need to really be testing on a mobile device. There are some difference between desktop events and touch events.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Pair back your events and start testing on mobile initially. I might have time tomorrow to take a look but it's totally possible. Are you using draggable properties?

Ashley Einspahr

yeah, after looking back more it looks like dragging + scrolling the same layer has been a problem for a lot of people. hence why many are working on drag-based scrolling for better mobile support. i'm just doing a hacky workaround for now where i just have hot spots on the edges so i can show the transition. it'll get the idea across for now. :) thanks for taking a look!

Ashley Einspahr

this is looking like a promising solution:

Jordan Robert Dobson

I've done it but I can't really share the code. It's just a lot of dragging and directional detection... And locking a direction based on surpassing a drag threshold.

Jordan Robert Dobson

You're right though... That's kinda what's in progress.

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