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Mike Kotsch
Posted Mar 16 - Read on Facebook

This is my latest project – prototyping an interaction scheme for wifi enabled light bulbs (in this case LIFX).


Daniel Alvarez

This is awesome!

Mike Feldstein

You guys!!!! What did you use to communicate to the bulb?

Mike Kotsch

You'd better not ask, Mike: I'm having an iFrame in the Framer prototype that runs a local PHP script that talks to a local Ruby gem talking to the LIFX bulb.

Mike Feldstein

Hey whatever works, its prototyping for a reason.

William C. Ferguson


Daniel Jimenez Nassar


Giovanni Caruso

I was thinking to do something like that using Framer and Arduino+Ethernet Shied... (although I have no idea how to achieve a similar outcome :D )

Mike Kotsch

There was a time before Framer … #arduino #processing :D

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