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Joshua Tucker
Posted Mar 14 - Read on Facebook

Hello all! I am running an experiment using Framer and Parse and would love your help. The details are provided here.


Joshua Tucker

My website seems to be going haywire right now – if you're having issues pinging it, the direct link to the experiment is here:

Needs to be opened from an Android or iOS mobile device (works better outside of in-app browsers).

Johannes Eckert

haha, are you trying to find out how people use gestures? this is sweet!

Joshua Tucker

Johannes Eckert Kind of :). Gotta keep my experiment as blind as possible for now. I forgot I switched DNS servers yesterday hence why my site is offline for a bit. But I explain that I will post my results - no question.

Stephen Crowley

Oh man, so this is what you've been cooking up?! Can't wait to hear the results.

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