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Neema Mahdavi
Posted Mar 16 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to manage all the prototypes I have on
What if I want to delete some? Restrict access?


Joshua Tucker

Hey Neema! Unfortunately, there's no good way (yet) but I believe it's high on their priority list. What I've been doing is just keeping a separate file and pasting my links there (every time you share its a unique URL I think).

If you need to remove prototypes, you can email [email protected] and include the links and they'll remove them.

There's no means of Restricted Access (yet).

Andy Ngo

I wish it was possible to update an existing shared Framer project rather than sharing a new link whenever a project is updated.

Koen Bok

We want this too :-)

Neema Mahdavi

Maybe I'm just so used to Axure even though it's been years since I've used it, but every time I used to press "Share" I would get this dialog - so in Framer when I pressed "Share" I was caught off guard when it uploaded it automatically

Paul Justin Farino

Hey Neema Mahdavi - In their latest update... sharing a project for the first time asks for confirmation. It's a nice step forward -

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