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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Mar 13 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys! I've been exploring working with Audio lately - and how an AudioPlayer Class could work. I started out with a basic example, highlighting a few native methods and properties, and ended up also creating a Class that contains a few other helpful methods, allowing you to visualize time, timeLeft, calculate progress and more.

- On GitHub:
- Basic Example:
- AudioPlayer Class:

Hope these are useful! Still a work-in-progress, but curious to hear what you guys think. Contributions are welcome, too. :-) Still looking to improve the scrubbing behavior, to explore forward/rewind functions and to include a customizable play/pause/stop UI within the Class.


Peter Hilgersom

One hell of a merry jingle :D Nice work, looks great.

Fran Pérez

Thanks for sharing Benjamin, looks fantastic :)

Raphael D'Amico

Sweet! This is going to be really useful!

Koen Bok

Also, this is Bens first open source project. He has been counting GitHub stars all day! ;-)

David Lee

This is great!

Jordan Robert Dobson

This takes me back to 2002. I made players all day everyday.

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