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Raphael D'Amico
Posted Mar 13 - Read on Facebook

Hey y'all. Over the last few months I've been slowly building up a set of reusable versions of standard iOS controls that I use often, and the Modules announcement seemed like the perfect trigger to put them out there.

Check it out here:

And a quick little kitchen sink example here:

Hope these are helpful! Still experimenting with how to make things reusable without getting too unwieldy, so ideas welcome.


Matt Bogado

This is awesome!

Chad Lonberger

Wow what an incredible share, thank you Raphael!

Andrew Lucas-Walsh

Riccardo Karman Amine

Smail Smkc

Nice work! Sharing is caring!

Benjamin Den Boer

Amazing work. Thanks for sharing!

Koen Bok


Christian Poschmann

This is great! Thanks for sharing!

Eng Phannipha

So good!

Oscar Salazar

Amazing! Thanks for sharing this!

David Lee


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