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Junhyuk Jang
Posted Mar 12 - Read on Facebook

I made side menu animation for fun.
I wish you guys enjoy this :)

*there are some mistakes or bugs, cause I'm not best coder.
if you see this prototype on web browser, it might be poor.
ex. Layer blur is not perfect.


Andreas Wahlström

Never knew a side menu could be creepy. Nice job :)

Anna Báguina

Cool ! ;)

Jason Ogle

Your wish came true. :)

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Nice man! Love how you used smooth springs with the rotated, blur side element with the menu layer to give that feeling of a "gooey" animation without needing svgs. Great work!

Paul Thorstein Nylund

Maybe get rid of the feather?

Koen Bok

Nice work!

Min-Sang Choi

ooooh creepy. nice experiment!

Raphael D'Amico

Really like this!

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