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Cyrus Cheng
Posted Mar 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi ,guys , i am newbie about codes,anyone can tell me how can i creat a circle or bezier curve in framer,i mean not import from sketch...any information can offer ,and thanks a lot...


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Cyrus Cheng! You can turn layers into circles by using the borderRadius property: layerA.borderRadius = 50, like this:

As for the bezier curves - are you looking to draw actual curves or to animate something with cubic-bezier animations?

Cyrus Cheng

thanks...and what if i want creat a irregularity curve?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Cyrus Cheng, you can use bezier-curves as the animation curve within, like this:

This is also a nice reference to test the values and animations:

Cyrus Cheng

thanks Benjamin Den Boer ,But i mean that creat a shape of bezier-curves ,not anmation with
bezier-curves ,in fact,i want control the anchor of the shape --bezier-curves, like a circle's single anchor move some distance, transformation the shape of bezier-curves...

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Cyrus Cheng, ah, I see. You can't draw paths or animate along paths yet in Framer. One thing you might be interested in is Tisho's proposal for Path Animations within Framer: Another thing you could look into is PaperJS - a library which you could include within a Framer prototype.

Here's a simple little demo that used Paper in combination with Draggable layers:


Cyrus Cheng

thanks very much,Benjamin Den Boer,that's what i want...

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