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Jacky Lee
Posted Mar 15 - Read on Facebook

Hello all, not sure if I'm doing this right but I just created a module to add some instructions to framer prototypes because I sometimes find it confusing when I'm not sure what to do when I come across a beautiful protoype!

The instructions panel can be triggered globally by keyboard shortcut ' ? ' .

Note: So far, it requires you to generate that instructions panel from your sketch file, as long as you parse that layer through the module then it should work.

I hope somebody here can make this module smarter to take text inputs rather than pre-generated layer and share it with us :)

The old link was scaled too big, just updated the overall scale in the new link below

Example here:


Koen Bok

This is great! Also... first shared module!

Jacky Lee

Thanks Koen Bok! I haven't used npm before but I assume that's the next logical step to making this a proper sharable module yea?

Koen Bok

Yeah, but we'll see how people use this for a bit first. Plus there are other nice share systems too, like Bower, so we can pick the best one for Framer.

Ke Wang

Nice job! But it's not working with my chrome, don't know if it's just me.

Jacky Lee

Ke Wang that's odd. It's still working fine on mine. Maybe try a few refresh?

Ke Wang

Jacky Lee Yeah it works!

Kevin Velasco

dude this is awesome.

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