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Marcos Navarro
Posted Mar 10 - Read on Facebook

Random question. Is it too hard to make a file.fmr or something that get's recognized by the app. I find the open Framer, look for the folder a little too curve some.


Koen Bok

This is a logical and common question. In OSX you have two options: a package or a folder. You can't browse packages (without a right click) and folders will always open in Finder. We opted to keep it a folder because our projects are just html and people like to be able to quickly inspect them. That's why we opted to keep them folders. I myself always just drop the folder on the framer icon.

Riccardo Buzzotta

Following Koen Bok's comment I would like to add that I like the folder format (at least for Frame Studior) also because:
- It follows the conceptual model model of a simple http static server (which it is, basically).
- It's easier this way to throw stuff into the project (images, fonts, other scripts… I almost never use the Import feature, for example).
- sharing can be easier (I used to drop the project folder in Dropbox Public or upload it on Github/Bitbucket before Framer Share was released)

Marcos Navarro

Why no one ever told me about the drop it on Framer icon shortcut. That's a win/win for me. Folders stays, easy to open is available.

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