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Johannes Eckert
Posted Mar 10 - Read on Facebook

I'd love to read (or change) a value inside a state (without deleting and recreating a state) but it looks like that isn't supported.


Benjamin Den Boer

You can print (read) the properties from a state change. For example, you can track any changes to the y position like this: :)

Andreas Wahlström

Looking at the console.log output, it seems like print box.states._states.small.x should work in your case

Johannes Eckert

Andreas gave the answer I was looking for! You can also change states this way. thanks guys!

Jordan Robert Dobson

^ OOOH! I've wondered about this but haven't had time to dig in.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Sometimes I will animate out and then want to return back to a state value... but if it's set dynamically it's not always clear what it should be.

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