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Koen Bok
Posted Mar 21 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone. Today we're shipping modules. Modules are a great way to reuse code across projects and teams. They can do pretty much anything and are based on Javascript standards. We can't wait to see how you will use them.

Other changes include auto closing character improvements, a new backup system, text selection highlighting, device updates and much more. For a complete list see the blog post.



Min-Sang Choi


George Kedenburg III

you guys are on a roll lately

Jordan Robert Dobson

Great work! Looking forward to using this today as I fork a few versions of a prototype for user testing.

Koen Bok

Congrats to Jonas for his first big release. He brought you all the nice editor improvements.

Chad Lonberger

Rejoice! Single biggest improvement I've been waiting for. Great job team.

Peter Lada

Awesome. So excited for this.

Giovanni Caruso


Fran Pérez

YES! finally :D

Joshua Tucker

Woot! Glad this is out!

Alex Bystrov

Gavin McFarland

Awesome, thanks guys!

Parul Bhatti

finally! a much awaited update :D

George Papadakis

Great news!

How about setting up a repo where users can either submit or download modules?

GitHub or NPM like.

Ryan Gonzalez

Holy moly! So excited and happy about this. Thank you!!

Ed Chao

it's party time.

Chad Lonberger

Koen Bok question... I had a chance to run through the docs, this is a great first release for supporting Modules. Happy to see the exports/require implementation and npm support. Curious though, is better studio integration on the road map? Love to open modules as separate tabs in studio (instead of having to fire up sublime), with project auto-refreshing on module changes, or at least on save.

Martin Christian

Very cool. Look forward to playing with this

Chris Lee

First time I've used this meme :)

John Namkyun Kim

all theses updates coming in so fast!

Joey Lamelas

This is going to help SO MUCH. Great work!

Koen Bok

Many great suggestions here. As always, you can't do everything at once. But it's clear that this is just the first step for modules.

Chad Lonberger

Koen Bok absolutely, and if anything I feel spoiled by the constant stream of updates to Studio. :)

Christian Johansson

Nice :). One thing I'm missing is an api for quickly creating inputs or creating inputs directly from a sketch import

Kevin Cannon


Koen Bok

Christian could you give me an example of how you would use it?

Benedikt D Valdez Stefánsson

Koen Bok - Awesome update! When talking about FramerJS this has always been my main concern for bigger projects, the lack of modules that is - so very pleased with this!

Also, love the editor updates, although I did notice you claim this on the blog:
"External changes to your are also monitored now, so you can quickly jump in your favorite editor and still get live feedback."
and even though I've updated Framer Studio to v1.11.1(860) I'm not seeing this happening (f.x.

Koen Bok

Hey Benedikt, that is odd. It works great here. I'll run some more tests tomorrow.

Benedikt D Valdez Stefánsson

Koen Bok - great thanks :) if it matters I'm using Sublime Text 3, but I tried this out with good old `nano` in the terminal as well, and no go - even tried forcing it by doing `touch project.framer/` :/

Christian Johansson

Koen Bok I was creating a prototype for help and error messages when a user inputs text in a form with multiple input fields. It was a bit of work setting up the input fields in framer with html/css. So maybe an api where you could just write new Textfield(). And it would create a framer layer with an input field, with default width, height values like normal,but maybe transparent bg and a default value set for the input

Kevin Cannon

Is there a global modules path. I find I have a lot of 'helper functions' that I reuse time & again that I could package as modules.

Juan Sanchez

What's the best way to include images as part of a module?

Jordan Robert Dobson

^ I have this same question / need for a status bar module I'm about to give out.

Chad Lonberger

Does modules not support subdirectories?

Mike Feldstein

Juan Sanchez you should be able to reference the images in the modules directory, there's nothing special about it. For small things like icons, i tend to use the base64 encoding of it in the code instead of using image files.

Juan Sanchez

So, I can have a folder with the module coffee file and images it? Having it all in a folder would help for sharing.

Chad Lonberger

Juan Sanchez Mike Feldstein, images work in module subdirectories... but it doesn't appear that coffee script files (other modules) in subdirectories work. Perhaps not being compiled?

Mike Feldstein

No i guess not, the file has to be top-level, but you can have a folder full of images in the modules folder, you just reference them like "./modules/ModuleName/image.png"

Koen Bok

Yup. I loop through top level js/coffee files as entry points for modules. They may import code in subfolders though. I think I'll go full npm in the future where modules will be folders with an entry point given in the package.json file.

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