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Cyrus Cheng
Posted Mar 09 - Read on Facebook

HI guys,why there are always little block feeling when i use multiple if Templates:,when u drag ARTBOARDS to change it stats, i will feel little block...


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Cyrus Cheng, I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to. Are you experiencing a slight hick-up / lagging with examples that contain multiple conditional (if, else) statements?

Cyrus Cheng

hi,today,i found the point of that,when i use my phone to check out the animation,like :
sp11.on Events.DragEnd, ->
if Math.abs(distance)<(750/4)
this.states.switch startState

else if distance>0 && sp11.states.state isnt "second"
the animation when i drag the element ,i feel it very smsmooth,but when i drag it in my simulator of framer on my mac, i feel it little block with two artboards sliping...

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