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Claudio Guglieri Lillo
Posted Mar 08 - Read on Facebook

Hey there, I just started using Framer and have couple of probably "easy" questions for you guys:

1. Preview on my iphone 6+. I've prepared assets on full hd (1920x1080) and they fit the iphone6+ template device. However when I preview the proto for real in my iphone 6+ they appear slightly scaled down. Any idea why this is happening? What I'm thinking it might be is the assets should be at 1242 x 2208 instead of 1920.. however they still show up fitting the device in the preview.

2. Any idea how to setup the preview of the proto in framer with a nice background behind the device, instead of just the device on top of white? I 've inspected the code and add the css tag to it and it works BUT everytime I refresh the css is reloaded. Any idea how to set it up so it's persistent ?

See attached my first exploration as a gif.


Andreas Wahlström

Not sure about 1., but for the device background, see:

Koen Bok

Or just use a background layer: new BackgroundLayer backgroundColor:xxxx

Koen Bok

And for the backdrop look in the snippets menu.

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