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Jordi Martinez Ortega
Posted Mar 07 - Read on Facebook

is there anyway I can specify if I want the events to be detected on the 'capturing phase' rather than on the 'bubbling phase'?

That's how I would do it on javascript?

the idea is to stop events (TouchEnd, etc) from propagating to sublayers just by capturing and stopping the event at the parent layer level.


Ian McClure

I know Framer does have event listeners.

layer.addEventListener 'event' , (event, layer) ->

I would think that you would need to have each layer listen for the touch event and set its superLayer to a temp variable then swap back when the TouchEnd triggers.

Hope that is helpful.

Jordi Martinez Ortega

It helps but it's kind of annoying. I found where Framer wraps the EventEmitterManager function to Layer._element and it would be as simple as adding a third argument (true) to the this.element.adEventListener. I wish there was a way I could decide if I want to pass that third argument or keep it false by default

Jordi Martinez Ortega

what I am looking for it's an easy way of invalidating any user event (touch) on a layer and all it's sublayers like UIView does with enabledUserInteraction

Jordan Robert Dobson

.ignoreEvents might work on subLayers are you dealing with dragging layers at all? What I had done before was when I get a TouchStart or TouchMove on a parent element I call a method that deactivates all children.

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