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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Mar 08 - Read on Facebook

Today, we’re launching various importing improvements, including updates to our editor, the Framer library and the latest Sketch Beta.

Now, all of your imported layers are auto-completed. We’ve also worked closely with the Sketch team to tackle all known issues. Alongside these updates, we’re also excited to introduce an all-new Importing Guide.

Finally, we’ve created a set of templates to help you set up a new project. They’re organised, labeled and designed for various iOS and Android devices. Including Sketch and Photoshop files.

Read more here:
New Importing Guide:
Download Templates:
Download Sketch Beta:


Patryk Sobczak

looks like it's time to make the switch to Sketch. :)

Andreas Wahlström


Jorn van Dijk

Andreas, I know right?!

Koen Bok

Full list of all fixed Sketch bugs: and thanks a ton to Pieter, Ale and the rest of the Sketch team.

Niklas Agevik

Was just going to write a long post about all the "gotchas" when doing a Sketch-import. But looks like I'll have to scrap it. Nice!

Jacky Lee

Woke up smiling to this!

Joseph Reni

are imported shapes still raster? My current understanding is that if I want to do any advanced animations (color, shape, etc) I need to recreate that element in framer as a frame. Is this still the case?

Jacky Lee

Joseph Reni When i want to animate shape heights etc, I often just leave out border radius + border in sketch for that layer, and set those styles inside Framer, that way those won't get distorted

Joseph Reni

thank Jacky Lee so, I imagine you duplicate your artboard and call it something like prototype and remove all the borders? I will be playing with it some more this week.

Jacky Lee

Joseph Reni I tend to create a brand new sketch file if I want to import it to Framer. that way I can group things more strategically only for the sake of prototyping.

Cemre Güngör

so full of win

Charlie Sneath

Autocomplete for layer names is available once you've already used it in the document, right? Just making sure it's working correctly for me.

Maykel Loomans

Peter Hilgersom

Dikke pluim Benjamin Den Boer & team!!!

Daniel Maniés

You're doing a great job! Thank you :)

Cristian Díaz Peredo

Great project & update!…one comment related to the "StarterTemplates": the "iPhone 6 Template" sets the dimension to the double (750x1334) of the Artboard suggestion in the last Sketch beta (375x667), so in basis its promoting designing at @2x and not in real scale, now with the 6+ and @3x, etc… many designer are working at @1x and using the export settings inside Sketch, wouldn't be better if the import of framer studio allow to choose the base resolution?

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