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Stephen Boak
Posted Mar 05 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone run into size/scale issues with Framer demos? I've heard people lament that the tool isn't optimized for long multi-screen workflows but I'm actually finding it quite easy, thus far, to trigger screen changes. I think it might even be less work to create a multi-screen demo in Framer than in Invision, which I was surprised about. I'm up to about 5 unique screens with multiple states in each, but that's still pretty small. Has anyone hit a wall?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Mine were mostly just centered around having files that were too long. Otherwise I haven't really hit any issues.

Koen Bok

Yeah there is really no reason why you couldn't go on forever, except for big file sizes. A lot of perception of what a tool is good for is driven by the demos, and our demos tend to be smaller hi fi interactions. But don't let that fool you :-)

Stephen Boak

Koen Bok Yeah, my opinion was swayed by the sexy animated demos of single button presses, but the tool has really been proving robust for mocking up longer workflows too. I'm excited to post what I've been working on. I wish I was one of your investors ;)

Jordan Robert Dobson

To give you an idea, my last proto had at least 8 different screens, with about 6 primary layers that handled things like launchscreen, commanding options, side menu drawer, popover segues, alertView, main app layers (each on a simulated stack) which each had header and footer with a scrollable view that would hide header and footer as you scrolled.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's great for staging a bunch of views... it's also great for pulling all the details together as well. I seriously can't wait to meet with the iOS devs and show them how much we've already worked through. Granted it does help to know iOS development... but it seriously helps to work through these issues yourself while you're still in the design phase. :)

Matt Bogado

It's great to see that experts are finding Framer Studio easy for long demos. I would love to see your explorations because as a noob I can say that the code can get hard to handle and frustrating at times. But I really love how it feels on the device. No other proto tool has matched the feel yet

Jordan Robert Dobson

My suggestion is to Learn how classes work and set out to encapsulate your bits of logic into simple modules for your components. Then explore listening to and calling custom events.

I wish I could show some of my work but I can't share most of it.

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