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Keith Fraser
Posted Mar 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi all - new to Framer and really enjoying it so far! Is there a way to take individual cells in a Collection Grid and assign events?


Shane Brown

Hi Keith, I put this together (although I'm not the best coder atm so probably not best practices), is this what you are after? I've included comments explaining it inside, so hit the download / open button and you can take a look :)

Nils Hoenson

Hey Keith Fraser! Welcome to the Framer community. Shane his solution works, but might be a little 'too much' for the effect you're trying to achieve. I found an easier way. :)

Keith Fraser

Thanks... interesting to see how you guys created the grid versus the built in snippet. What I want to do though is target individual cells. For example; having cell 1,1 turn red while cell 1,2 turns green.

Shane Brown

You know, I'd never even looked at the Snippets section until now! haha. Thanks for pointing that out.

Your question led me around a bit, and revealed a flaw in my knowledge of working with arrays, which is why it took me so long to get back to you.

The way I have done it is by grouping each cell into a 2D array, and that way you can access each cell by calling its position from within the array.

Keith Fraser

Shane Brown, this is awesome! Thank you!

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