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Tarun Chakravorty
Posted Mar 04 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to have framer be setup such that if a layer is at opacity 0, Events don't fire for that layer?

When I start I usually set many layers to opacity 0. But sometimes I'd accidentally "touch" a hidden layer and activate its touch event.
Has anyone faced a similar issue?


Tarun Chakravorty

hmm, i guess i could set myLayer.ignoreEvents = false when things are at 0 opacity. Gonna try that out.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think you want .visible = true as that will hide the layer completely so no events fire. Or .ignoreEvents = true if you want those events ignored.

Chad Lonberger

Provided an answer (with code extending Layer) to the same question on the group yesterday.. Am mobile now so can't pull it up, but you should be able to find it with search

Jordan Robert Dobson

Sorry!! .visible = false. :O

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