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Harsha Vardhan R
Posted Mar 06 - Read on Facebook

Hey all, I've been working with the awesome framerjs extensively for a short internal project here at ustwo, about re-imagining the instrument cluster in cars. Here are few of the prototypes:
I guess it is not how framer is supposed to be used but it was fun hacking around some restrictions and getting things like a head tracking prototype working.
The blog post is here:
The code is here for you to hack/comment/play with :)

Suggestions for improvement welcome!


Aaron Carámbula

wow that face detection thing is pretty sweet, very interesting project

Benjamin Leonard

Nice! Love the work you guys are doing in ustwo auto

Harsha Vardhan R

Aaron Carámbula Benjamin Leonard thanks guys!

Koen Bok

This is really great stuff! Thanks so much for sharing!

Kevin Velasco

Well this is cool.

Harsha Vardhan R

Cheers Koen Bok thanks for the tool and building a great community!

Tim Cruickshank

I wonder if that face detection thing could be used for readers on tablets... So that text size is always legible. Nice one :)

Alisha Kassam

Really enjoyed this exploration!

Harsha Vardhan R

Tim Cruickshank Yes! that would be so interesting right? in fact I saw this guy, who was doing something for webpages. Real neat exploration into responsive type -

Stephen Crowley

Harsha thanks for posting the code. Love the writeup and deep-dive!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Very nice little demos there.

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