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George Papadakis
Posted Mar 04 - Read on Facebook

Quick q: Do you plan on implementing promises-like functionality on Framer so that chaining (e.g animations) will be easier?

e.g animate ...then( .. ).then( .. )


Koen Bok

Maybe. It mostly depends if it really becomes the standard way of doing things, because my goal is to stay close to the standard. It's hard to say when that balance is there, but I think if promises pick up in ES6 I'll pull the trigger. Until then, you can always wrap things is something like Q.

George Papadakis

Speaking of standards, I wish you will eventually go for ES6 (as opposed to .coffee).

Yes, I have mentioned that before: :)

Koen Bok

There is a very decent chance on that :-)

George Papadakis

Yet another: how about auto-assigning to window (global) the imported layers if a second argument (true) is passed to .load?

Everyone seems to be doing it anyway after importing.

Koen Bok

Because there is a high chance it will break things. If you have a layer with the same name as one of the hundreds of global variables you will get very unexpected results.

That said, there is a nice undocumented function that does this for you in Utils:

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