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Alex Diaz
Posted Mar 03 - Read on Facebook

When you import your PSD or Sketch files, does the hierarchy of your groups of layers turn into sublayers of the group or do you have to write the code for it?


Andreas Wahlström

Hierachy is preserved, but layers are accessible from a flat list in your variable if that makes sense. Layer.subLayers will show you a list of all the sublayers

Joshua Tucker

Hey Alex! Hierarchy is respected from PSD/Sketch and nested folders/groups become subLayers of the folders above them automatically.

In the case of Sketch, folders at the highest level are subLayers of the Artboard they are in. It's been a while since I've used PS so I'm not sure how folders at the top level are handled against the document they are in. But I would presume similarly.

Alex Diaz

thanks this is good to know, I've been struggling to create a scrolling layer, just setting the topmost imported layer .scroll to true didn't work

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