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Raphael D'Amico
Posted Apr 22 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys!

Thought you might dig this prototype which faithfully recreates an iOS picker, with momentum scrolling, custom events as the picker is being dragged and uses to parse the dates in the picker.

Let me know what you think!


Min-Sang Choi

looks cool!

Raphael D'Amico

Thanks man!

Ștefan Ciorici


Marc Haumann

that's legit, man!

Joseph Reni

I think I'd like to see the actual due date integrated into the animation. I can't help but stare at it, and missed that the information was below.

Benjamin Den Boer

Wow, this looks amazing.

Jorn van Dijk

Hey Raphael D'Amico, can we add this to the example site in a future update? Looks great.

Fran Pérez

One of the best Framer prototypes I've ever seen. Good work :)

Jason Valenti

Like it!

Séraphin Hochart

Christian Poschmann!

Raphael D'Amico

@Jorn Of course! I'd be honored. (And thank you for all your work making such a useful tool!)

Rachel Kroft

this is awesome- cool interaction. Agree with Joseph Reni about the due date integrated. I am also curious what the scenario is for the user. Other than the interaction looking sweet, why this kind of interaction?

Raphael D'Amico

Play and pushing the boundaries of the tools

I've been using Framer heavily on some more concrete flows (also related to time) - this one is more playing at the edges :)

Jay Stakelon

Fancy Month Widget indeed

Andre Rodrigues

WOW! This is awesome!

Guyen Fam

this is awesome!!! THank you for sharing :)

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