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Pietro Schirano
Posted Jun 26 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to change the value of a property during the length of a certain animation?
For example let's say that one of my states look like this:

one: {rotationZ: rot+90 }

Where "rot" is a variable that I want to change between a range of values in a random way during the duration of the animation.

Thank you guys! This would be really helpful!


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Pietro Schirano - hmm, you could do something like this, yes. For instance, you can start off with a slow rotation animation and then halfway override it and start a much faster one:

Is that what you're looking for? :) It's not random, though, and doesn't use a variable for the rotation values.

Pietro Schirano

Hey Benjamin! Thank you for your fast reply! Your feedback is awesome. I guess I still dont have the control that I would like but I wil see if I can work around it with what you suggested me! Thank you so much man! :)

Pietro Schirano

Essentially I want to create a "rumble" effect

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Pietro Schirano - hmm, let's see - something like a "Wiggle" effect (like on iOS)? How about this?

Or, to have it wiggle from the center:

Pietro Schirano

YES!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much!!

Pietro Schirano

I am like so happy I am wiggling looking at this animation ahahah

Phurbu Dolma

This is great! How can I add a duration to the wiggle so that it is no a continuous loop?

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