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Giovanni Caruso
Posted Feb 25 - Read on Facebook

...have you already heard about this feature?


Jason Ogle

They've gotta try to keep up with Framer.

Andreas Mitschke

Jason Ogle well, to be honest node-based interaction animation tools are way easier and faster. The only advantage framer has is it's transfer value from prototype to engineering, but is way inferior in terms of rapid building.

Not sure yet, but one thing is nice, the simple linking of shapes to layers - no need for properties.

Giovanni Caruso

Andreas Mitschke you're right even thought having a canvas full of patches and noodles can slow the process a bit (the more the complexity, the more the visual mess... imho). Btw, what I like about this news is the switch from the "look ma, no code" approach to "welcome (back) Action(script? :D )".

Andreas Mitschke

The post still emphasises on pixate's ethos of "designers should not need to code on front-end dev niveau", but simultaneously they admit that pixate's approach is limiting their users options.

It's kinda a self-righteous post, definitely true, they could have phrased that more honestly, but looks like a good implementation and it's a product feature with potentially positive outcome for us users.

Johannes Eckert

this isn"t really like you are writing code for the pixate prototype, right? These are merely actions, like Photoshop actions, that perform certain things, like Create LayerA, make it this size and set these properties.
These Actions are one time executions and still don't do anything more than the pixate editor did. Am I right?

Kevin Cannon

It's amazing to see so many tools follow exactly the path Flash did 15 years ago.

Adobe should re-release Flash 4 as a mobile prototyping tool!

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