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Jon Arnold
Posted Mar 14 - Read on Facebook

I try to translate my spring animations to be used with the POP (ios) Framework using this script:

But the values I get are just wrong:
» tensionFromQcValue: 1339.4194
» qcValueFromTension: -44.75138121546961430
» frictionFromQcValue: 117625
» qcValueFromFriction: -8.3333333333333348

Please help, I would love to have the same spring curves in the iPhone App, not just within the prototype.


Jean Joskin

Try adding parentheses around the formula part. Like

print "tensionFromQcValue: " + ((qcValue - 30.0) * 3.62 + 194.0)

Now you add the text "194" to the textual (string) result of (qcValue - 30.0) * 3.62

Jordan Robert Dobson

Jean: Are you saying like this?

Jon Arnold

Jean Joskin in your formular, what is qcValue, tension, friction? I thought these were the values for it: "spring(400,32,0)"

Jon Arnold

But this can't be right, qcValueFromFriction would negative…

Jon Arnold


Koen Bok

Anyone ran into this?

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