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Emilie Park
Posted Feb 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I accidentally clicked share button in my prototype, can I undo it ?

I should not share the prototype...


Joshua Tucker

Not to worry Emilie! Send an email to [email protected] and let them know you want it removed (include link).

Emilie Park

Joshua Tucker Thanks, btw is the link same all the time ? I clicked share button a couple of times lol

Joshua Tucker

Emilie Park I've never compared – could not be sure. You can let them know that you clicked it a few times and maybe they can snoop through and see.

Mike Feldstein

This seems like a common thing, there should probably be a confirm dialog, especially as framer stats being used in corporate environments more. Maybe even the option to remove the button

Joshua Tucker

Agreed Mike. I believe Koen Bok made a comment that it is a priority but authentication is the trick (ensuring people own the "rights" to the link(s) and that links are tracked by person in some way, etc.)

Koen Bok

Confirm dialog will be in the next update.

Mike Feldstein

An option to remove the share button altogether might increase corporate uptake of the tool, I know lots of companies are super worried about accidental leaks.

Emilie Park

Thanks Koen Bok for removing the shared links. Yes, Framer really need some security functionality. also sharing only w a certain group will help more coorporate use.

Andreas Wahlström

You can use Right click -> Customize Toolbar to change the position/visibility of the share button. I've actually put it far away from the other buttons so I won't accidentally click it ;)

Jordan Robert Dobson

^ That's actually a really good idea.

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