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Wasil AR
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

Hello guys,
Wanna ask something might be a bit silly, but I cant find any.
Im using sketch & framer together, import it and seems framer detect each element as an image (?).
I want to edit css property of each element. Such change the text color using the syntax (pic) but it wont work. The "backgroundColor" works well, but "color" does not.

Did I miss something?


George Kedenburg III

You're correct, when you use the importer it saves everything as an image. If you want to have editable text like you describe I would hide those layers in sketch and recreate them on the framer side with CSS styling.

Wasil AR

Hm I see, a bit disappointed :( , cause alot of style build on sketch and we repeat again to create the same looks on framer. Hope this will be priority feature next. Thanks George Kedenburg III you're awesome!

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