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Johannes Eckert
Posted Feb 24 - Read on Facebook

may be that I forgot the trick … but In the inspector of Framer Studio, I am expecting to check the value of any object in the framer space. Is that still possible? such as in the demo, seeing what iconLayer.y is about, I always get a reference error / can't find variable iconLayer


Kim Does

The objects are not available anymore by default. But if you say: window.iconLayer when creating it, you can then see the object as you normally would.

Johannes Eckert

thanks! that's it. easy enough.

Riccardo Buzzotta

Thanks Kim for the info. Another thing I do is to call `debugger;` when the Inspector is open, then I switch to Console so I can inspect those objects at least. Very helpful! It works a bit randomly sometimes though, especially when it's outside events. Screenshot attached!

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