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Javier Díaz
Posted Feb 21 - Read on Facebook

Hi! I'm running into one of those weird situations.

I have a layer with a TouchEnd event. The event fires both in desktop and Android:

-In desktop everything works as expected.
-In Android (Nexus5 running Framer on Lollipop ) the TouchEnd event exists as an object, but if I try to access the properties (for example x). The result is 'Undefined'

Anyone ran into this before?


Javier Díaz

In fact, it's happening also with TouchMove and DragMove

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Javier Díaz I don't know if I understood correctly, but in the phones the Event can hav emultiple pointers, so you need to specify which one (the first) to be able to access it. There's been a lot of threads with that one (just written differently) (similar to : event.touches[i].clientX )

Javier Díaz

Thanks. I'll try it tomorrow. It's true, I was actually using that on a multitouch canvas a while ago and didn't remember it.

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